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13th Quran Recitation Competition Held In Tokyo

The 13th Annual Quran Recitation Competition in Japan was held at the Arabic Islamic Institute, Tokyo on Monday December 31, 2012.


The event started at 1:30pm and ended at 1am (1st Jan 2013). This event was organized by Japan Islamic Trust, Masjid Otsuka, with the cooperation of the Arabic Islamic Institute, Tokyo, and was sponsored by The Holy Quran Memorization Organization, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (بجدة لهيئة العالمية لتحفيظ القرآن الكريم ا رابطة العالم الإسلامي) along with some local businesses.

The basic aim of the competition was to strengthen the link among the Muslim community members in Japan with the Quran, to help increase the knowledge of, and love for the Quran, to help develop interest in the Quran recitation, to motivate memorizing, reciting and reviewing Quran, and to help develop skills in reading and reciting the Quran, and invite Muslims to engage in a great religious activity on the new year`s eve.

Although, the event has been taking place for the past 13 years, however, the number of participants this year, was incredibly huge. More than 134 children participated in the competition.  Last year, there were around 80 participants from all over Japan.


The Chief Guest of this mega event was the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Japan, Dr. Abdulaziz A Turkistani. . He lauded the efforts made by the kids and their parents and teachers to memorize Quran.  He further expressed the hope that more and more children will participate in the competition in the coming years.

Japan Islamic Trust (JIT) plans to hold even bigger events in the future as well.