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Canadian Muslims distribute roses to spread peaceful message of Islam

A group of young Canadian Muslims distributed a thousand roses in Ottawa on Saturday to spread the peaceful message of Islam’s prophet Muhammad. The flowers are symbols of the holy Prophet’s love, generosity and concern for the well being of humanity.

Organizers say that the initiative helps the public understand the true nature of Islam.

Such events are also an effective way to break stereotypes regarding Muslims, who are often misrepresented in Western media.

In September the Muslim world was enraged by an American film, which disrespected Islam and Prophet Muhammad. The anti-Islamic movie sparked hundreds of protests across the world, and aroused curiosity about the character of Islam’s prophet among the general public in the West.

This is a gap which this project seeks to fill.

The rose for prophet initiative has already spread to Norway, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Organizers are hoping that their project will inspire other people around the world.

A beautiful rose will hopefully serve as the first step towards greater dialogue and understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims.