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Non-Halal food for Pakistan Muslim kids in UK schools ignites agony

LONDON - Thousands of Pakistani Muslim students in Great Britain were being provided non-Halal food in their schools, which became a matter of concern for their parents who took steps to bring the issue to notice.
According to an Urdu daily, Muslim kids in some schools are not being provided food that falls under the ‘Halal’ description.
This fact, horrific for Muslims, was revealed at a Birmingham school following which parents raised the issue with teachers and the school administration.
Muslims have two categories of food; one is considered as Halal, which includes food items that could be eaten and the second one is Haram, including food items which are forbidden.
A school, which was not named in the report, houses over 1500 students, a majority of which are of Pakistani origin. Parents, besides raising this issue with the school administration also approached former Lord Mayor Councillor from the area, Muhammad Afzal. It has been decided that unless the matter is not investigated, Muslims kids would not be provided any meat items to avoid further disturbance.