Paying Quran Reading fee by PayPal

As we are busy with our lives and due to the frequent changes in the school schedules, there is always a significant burden on students to manage time for reading Quran on a specific time. Whether you are a student or a working person, online Quran classes make it easy for you to get a Quran course at your desired time schedule. Online Quran teaching experts teach you with their expertise and train you with proper Quran recitation rules and the right way of Quran reading with tajweed. The quality of teaching by the experts are never compromised as most of the reputed Quran teaching websites like take care of the quality and performance of the Quran teachers.

Is it worth paying for the online Quran classes?

Foremost, many well-known online Quran teaching platforms like provide free trial classes so that a pupil could have an idea of the level of teaching and if he or she is comfortable continuing with the particular online course. Once you are satisfied with the teaching process, you can pay for the Quran course. This will not only save you money but also save your time as you are sure about their style of coaching, which suits you well. One can check if the Quran tutor gives attention to you individually and teaches the primary points which are mandatory in Quran recitation. Now, let’s talk about the payment methods and
procedures used by online Quran websites:

What are the payment methods and ways one can choose?

No doubt, learning the Holy Quran while sitting at your home is the best option anyone could have. Also, it is essential to know the Payment procedures if there are weekly or monthly fee payment methods. Some of the people are okay to pay weekly, but most of the people want more options like monthly fee payment. Then, the critical part is the payment’s medium? Is it only a bank transfer or any other way that can suit you?
Not a typical way of payments. Quran Focus Academy accepts the following payment methods:


PayPal is very popular and it is acceptable almost all over the world. You can quickly pay Quran reading fee by PayPal. Just with a click and here you are done with the payment for the Quran course. No need to use a bank check.

Credit Card

Credit card is also an easy way of paying for your Online Quran classes. You need to authorize your card details with the merchant, and once it gets approved, you are eligible to sit in the Online course.


Not everyone would like to pay by credit or bank transfer, so there should be several ways. Like this is an easy way, especially for the ones who do not have bank accounts. It’s similar to western union. You can pay the fee of the Online Quran lessons by MoneyGram in a simple way.

Western Union

Same as the case with Western Union, Pay by it and start your Online Quran classes, so you don’t need to waste time on any complicated ways.