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Best Online Quran Teachers - Quran Classes For Kids & Adults

Online Quran tutors in our Quran academy have experience in online Quran classes for kids and adults. Each online Quran tutor including a female Quran teacher has excellent interpretational skills to gain motivation & encouragement in Muslim people to increase their knowledge of the Holy Quran more & more.

Our online Quran academy is on a mission to teach Quran to Muslim people including Muslim women by providing Quran teachers for kids and adults in the comfort of their homes. In our Islamic school, each Quran teacher is qualified and certified to teach online Quran classes for kids including Quran reading, Quran recitation, Quran translation, Quran memorization, and online Islamic studies classes.

Becoming a Quran teacher is itself an honor and a significant distinction since it was one of the primary duties of the prophets and angels. A Quran tutor needs to be knowledgeable, punctual, and a role model for kids to teach the Quran according to the rules of Tajweed and Tarteel. Our Quran tutors use effective and easy strategies to help students learn to read, recite, translate and memorize the holy Quran correctly with interactive live Quran lessons. We aim to make Quran learning classes convenient for kids, beginners, women, and Muslim adults. Our highly experienced Quran teachers will conduct personalized online Quran classes that will attract beginners and children to learn the Quran Majeed with joy and devotion.

How Our Online Quran Teachers are the Best for Kids and Beginners?


Our mission is to spread the Quranic teaching worldwide by providing a platform where Muslim students can learn, recite, and memorize Quran fluently and accurately. That’s why our hiring process is quite strict. We only hire Quran teachers who are qualified, experienced, and competent, and we never compromise on quality. 


Here is how we select our online Quran teacher:

  • We hire Quran teacher who is qualified from a recognized Islamic university. 
  • Our teachers must be Qari, Aalim, or Hafiz and have a profound knowledge of Tajweed and Tarteel.
  • We conduct a series of online tests and interviews to select competent teachers.
  • Through a background check, we ensure that Quran tutors are experienced in teaching Quran classes online.
  • We make sure that Quran teachers have excellent communication skills.
  • We also conduct demos/ mock Quran classes to check the Quran teaching style and ability. 
  • Our Quality Control Department ensures each Quran teacher's good performance. If anything goes astray, we provide a new Quran teacher to the student. 

How to Get Started with Our One-on-One Quran Classes? 


Here are the three simple steps to get started:

  • In the first step, you will book a free one-week trial by calling/ emailing or filling up our online registration form   
          We'll get back to you as soon as possible and schedule your class timings per your request.
  • In the next step, you'll get our free one-week trial classes to evaluate the teaching style of the Quran teacher and see if you are comfortable with him/ her. Our teachers will also assess your or your children's level and learning needs so that they can come up with a tailored strategy to teach you.
  • If satisfied with our Quran teacher, you'll select a preferred plan with your teacher to learn Quran online. You can request another Quran teacher if the teacher does not meet your expectations.

We will conduct our classes through Skype or Zoom. Our teachers will make the Quran class interactive and engaging through screen sharing and other tools.


Why Choose Quran Focus for Learning 1-on-1 Quran Classes Online?


We have a dedicated team of online Quran teachers to make Quran learning easy with our interactive and engaging teaching strategy customized to the student's needs. Here is what makes us unique from other institutions:

  • Certified and experienced teachers
  • One week free trial Quran lessons (no credit card required)
  • Flexible schedule and 24/7 availability
  • Female Quran teachers available for kids and female students
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • Highly affordable

Let's start your Quran learning journey with our trusted, certified, and experienced online Live Quran Teachers today! 

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"Excellent service and reasonable fees. "Munaza Dar, New York
"Thank you Quran Focus for helping my kids to read holy Quran. "Munir Hussain, Ottawa
"Its a great program. My kids love it and we are fully satisfied."Jamal Qureshi, New York
"Quran Focus is an easy way to learn the Holy Quran. Teachers are good and service is excellent."Iram Ahmad, London
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