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Quran Tutoring

Quran Tutoring

Are you searching for a Quran Tutor? Looking for a reliable online academy to teach Quran to your kids? Your search ends here. Quran Focus is one of the pioneers of online Quran tutoring services since 2010. During the 12 years of our journey, we have taught +1000 students from over ten countries. 


Our mission is to make Quran learning as easy, effective, and affordable as possible. Since our teachers are available 24/7, we offer the convenience of setting the class time you desire. Anyone can learn Quran with us regardless of age, gender, or location with our certified male &  female Quran tutors.


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Why Online Quran Tutoring?

Every student is not the same, nor their learning capacities are. Considering this, our qualified Quran tutors know how to cater to each student's personal needs to boost their learning potential. All our male and female Quran tutors graduated from renowned universities and Islamic learning institutes, enabling them to teach Quran Arabic and Islamic studies effectively.  


Our academy stands out because of our punctual, knowledgeable, and professional tutors. We have high-quality check standards and ensure no class is missed or late in any circumstances. With us, you can easily reschedule and cancel your course anytime. Besides, you can also get access to the progress report of your child. 


Our Online Quran Tutors

All our Quran teachers are tested and certified. They have experience in teaching Quran, Arabic, and Islamic studies online to students all around the world. Our qualified team of scholars and teachers has designed a brilliant method to make Quran learning interactive, easy, and fun for kids to motivate them toward the Quranic teachings. 


To convey the message of the holy Quran to the next generation, a Quran teacher must be knowledgeable, punctual, and a role model to teach the noble Quran. It is the religious obligation of Muslims to learn the Quran and teach it to their kids. Qualified Quran teachers are the need of our modern society. 


Learning Quran education is imperative for all Muslim children who are born and are growing up in countries like the USA, UK, and Canada. That's why our online Quran academy focuses on providing quality Quranic education to them. Our online Quran tutoring service covers all these countries and helps young and older Muslims to know and understand the message of the Quran and Islam.


Our Quran Courses 

Here is the list of Quran courses we offer, including but not limited to:

  1. Online Quran Reading Classes
  2. Online Quran Translation Classes
  3. Online Quran Tarteel Classes
  4. Online  Quran Memorization Classes
  5. Noorani Qaida Course for Kids and Beginners
  6. Online Tafseer Courses
  7. Ten Qirat Courses
  8. Online Arabic Courses
  9. Islamic Studies Courses

You can contact us anytime if you have any special needs or want to learn anything other than the courses mentioned above.


Get Started with Your Quran Learning Adventure!


We are teaching hundreds of students from all around the world. You can start learning with us by following these simple steps:



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"Excellent service and reasonable fees. "Munaza Dar, New York
"Thank you Quran Focus for helping my kids to read holy Quran. "Munir Hussain, Ottawa
"Its a great program. My kids love it and we are fully satisfied."Jamal Qureshi, New York
"Quran Focus is an easy way to learn the Holy Quran. Teachers are good and service is excellent."Iram Ahmad, London
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