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Online Quran School 


One of the primary concerns of Muslim parents in the West is the religious influence their children get from a non-Muslim environment. They always strive to raise their children with Iman (faith). But in an area where there are almost few or almost no Muslims, bringing up your kids as Muslims can, sometimes, be challenging.


If we take the example of the USA, there are around 70% Christian, 23% of people belong to other religions, and only 1% are Muslim. Compared to other religions, Muslim families always ensure to transmit their religious affiliation to their young ones.


However, Muslim children might be influenced by the majority religion and the pervasive philosophies of secularism and atheism. Therefore, those Muslims who desire to transmit Islamic and Quranic teaching to their children need to understand how to use modern technology to inculcate Islamic beliefs, values, and behaviors into their offspring to develop a healthy religious identity.  


They may investigate where they can find an online Quran school to teach the holy Quran to minors. Finding a nearby school, masjid, madrassah, or Moulana can be difficult in western or non-Muslim countries. 


That's where the Quran Focus comes in to save your child from the pervasive influence of other religions and philosophies by teaching them the Quran and Islamic teachings from the comfort of your home. If you are living in a western country and looking for an online Quran school near me, rely on Quran Focus


Quran Focus: The Best Online Quran School

Quran Focus was established in 2012 with the aim of teaching the Quran Kareem to kids, females, and adults of all ages. By leveraging modern technology, we want to enable kids, older children, grown-ups, and new reverted Muslims to learn Quran Majeed accurately and fluently with Tajweed and Tarteel rules. 


Nowadays, finding an online Quran Academy has become easy. Therefore, instead of wasting your valuable time searching for a physical Quran academy and driving your kids and picking them up from there, you can simply use a laptop with headphones and an internet connection to learn the Quran Kareem. 


That’s where Quran Focus comes in, offering an excellent opportunity to learn the noble Quran with Tajweed with our one-to-one Quran classes with live Male and Female Quran teachers. 


Our Quran Tutors


All our Quran tutors ( maulanas, mualims, huffaz, and scholars) are experienced in teaching the Quran to English-speaking students. Our teachers possess exceptional teaching skills to engage and motivate students toward the holy Quran. They will teach kids and teenagers in a fun and interactive way to increase their knowledge of the Quran and Islam.


Advantages of Quran Learning with Us

These are some benefits of learning the Quran Majeed with us:


Start Learning Quran Today with Our Online Quran School!

Hundreds of students are learning Quran reading, translation, memorization, and Noorani Qaida and other Islamic courses with us. They are satisfied with our Quran tutors and their teaching methods. We take pride in having taught hundreds of students from different countries. 


If you want to learn the Quran Kareem with us, follow these quick steps:


 Let's start your Quran learning journey with our experienced online Quran Tutors. Sign up now!



"Excellent service and reasonable fees. "Munaza Dar, New York
"Thank you Quran Focus for helping my kids to read holy Quran. "Munir Hussain, Ottawa
"Its a great program. My kids love it and we are fully satisfied."Jamal Qureshi, New York
"Quran Focus is an easy way to learn the Holy Quran. Teachers are good and service is excellent."Iram Ahmad, London
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