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Online Quran Classes in Germany

After Christianity, Islam is the biggest minority religion in Germany. Although the exact figure of Muslims living in Germany is uncertain. But according to various sources, it ranges from 3.5% to 6%.

The spread of Islam has significantly increased in Germany since the labor migration in the 1960s and several waves of political refugees since the 1970s. According to a survey conducted in 2019, there are around 5.3–5.6 million Muslims with a migrant background in Germany.


Online Koran Classes for Kids in Germany


A large number of the Muslim population lives in the capital and largest city of Germany, with a majority living in former West Germany, including West Berlin. Berlin, Cologne, and Hamburg are the home to mosques and centers for Muslim life and Islamic culture in Germany.

About 300,000–420,000 Muslims live in Berlin, making up about 8–11% of the population. Frankfurt has a large Muslim community with an estimated share of Muslim inhabitants of approximately 12.6%.

Around 90,000 Muslims live in Hamburg, with a majority living in the newly created administrative district of Hamburg-Mitte. Cologne, the largest city in the Western German state of North Rhine-Westphalia (Köln), counts more than 100,000 Muslim residents. München (Munich) is the capital and most populous city of the German state of Bavaria, with over 100,000 Muslims.

If you are looking for a reliable online Quran academy or tutor in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich, Düsseldorf, and Frankfurt, rely on Quran Focus Academy.

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Online Quran Classes for Kids in Berlin, Cologne (Köln), and Hamburg, Germany

Here are some of the mosques, Quran schools, and centers offering Quran classes for kids and adults in Berlin, Cologne, and Hamburg. These include:

  • Berlin-Wilmersdorf

  • Berlin-Neukölln

  • Berlin-Wilmersdorf (Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Mosque)

  • Khadija Mosque
  • Cologne Central Mosque

  • German Islam Academy

  • Cologne Central Mosque

  • DITIB Center Zentralmoschee

With enough mosques and Islamic schools in Berlin, Hamburg, and surrounding suburbs, many Muslim kids and adults go there to learn the Quran Kareem. However, there are only 35 mosques in Cologne city, where there are over 100,000 Muslims.

And, a vast majority can’t travel to Quran centers due to long distances or many of them can’t adjust their timings according to the timings of these Quran schools. That’s why many prefer to learn the noble Quran online.

When it comes to online Quran learning, Quran Focus ranks first. We offer one on one live Quran lessons for kids and adults, enabling them to read, recite, and memorize the holy Quran from the comfort of their homes. Besides, we are also offering separate online Quran lessons for women and sisters by our female Quran teachers.

We have a team of qualified Huffaz, Qaris, and Qariyahs who are highly qualified from recognized universities. They are fully trained to teach kids and adults engagingly and interactively.


Online Quran Classes in Frankfurt, Munich (München), and Düsseldorf, Germany

Frankfurt has around 8 mosques and prayer rooms in and around the city. More than 100,000 Muslims live in Munich, but there are around 6-8 mosques in the city. Like Munich, Düsseldorf has only 5 mosques and Quran schools that don’t meet the religious needs of Muslims in this area.

The famous mosque and Islamic centers/schools in Frankfurt, Munich (München), and Düsseldorf are:

  • Abu Bakr Moschee

  • Noor Mosque

  • Baitus Shakur

  • Nuur-ud-Din Mosque

  • Islamisches Zentrum München

  • Freimann Masjid

  • Moroccan Islamic Cultural Center

  • Moroccan-Islamic Mosque Community

  • Islamisches Kulturzentrum Düsseldorf

  • Masjid Assalam

Compared to other major cities in Germany, there are fewer mosques and Islamic centers in Frankfurt, Munich, and Düsseldorf. Therefore, Muslims living in these areas need dire help from an online Quran school/academy to teach their kids Al Quran Kareem under their supervision.

Quran Focus is one of the world’s best online academies offering online Quran classes for kids and women with our experienced male and female Quran teachers.

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Online Quran Courses We Offer in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, and Frankfurt, Germany

Here is the list of online Quran courses we offer:

  1. Online Quran Reading Course

  2. Online Quran Translation Course For Kids

  3. Online Tajweed Classes

  4. Online Quran Memorization Course for Kids (Hifz classes for kids)

  5. Online Quran Classes for Sisters and Kids

  6. Online Arabic Course Kids

In addition to these Quran courses, we also offer basic Islamic knowledge, like

  • Imaan

  • 6 Kalimas

  • Islamic stories

  • Five pillars of Islam

  • Musnoon Duas and other supplications

  • How to offer prayers (namaz) and ablution (wudu’)

Why Choose Quran Focus for Learning the Holy Quran Online?

We are on a mission to spread knowledge of Islam and the Quran to the masses, especially in Frankfurt, Munich, and Düsseldorf where Muslims have minor access to mosques and Quran schools.

Our qualified Quran tutors will make Quran learning easy, interactive, and fun for kids. These are the qualities that make us stand out from others:

  • World’s renowned online Quran academy

  • One-to-one classes for every student

  • Qualified and experienced teachers/ Qaris/ Huffaz

  • Female Quran teachers available to teach kids and sisters

  • Affordable pricing plan

  • One-week free trial of Quran lessons (no credit card required)

  • Tailored teaching strategies

  • Flexible schedule and 24/7 availability

  • Guaranteed satisfaction

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Whether you are living in Frankfurt, Munich, Düsseldorf, or anywhere else in Germany, rely on Quran Focus. We have a team of highly qualified male and female teachers to fulfill the Quran learning needs of kids, sisters, and adults.

We have many online Quran courses to teach beginners and intermediates the holy Quran from scratch. You just need a computer, headphones, and an internet connection to learn the noble Quran.

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Online Quran Classes in Dubai, Abu Dhabi UAE

Since the dawn of Islam in the Arab Peninsula in the seventh century, all citizens of the UAE are Muslims. The lifestyle, dress, political system, and cultural & societal values of Muslims living in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and other emirates of the UAE are all based on the teachings of the Qur’an and Islamic principles.


Over 76% of the population in the United Arab Emirates are Muslims, there are numerous mosques throughout the emirates, on every corner of every complex, no matter how big or small. Besides, there are thousands of Islamic schools (madrasas), and Islamic centers where kids and adults go to learn the teachings of Islam and the holy Quran.


All Muslims, whether children, women, or adults, are required to learn the Holy Quran. The importance of learning the Qur’an Kareem is evident from this well-known hadith:


“The best among you is the one who learns the Qur’an and teaches it.”


At-Tirmidhi also quoted another hadith that said, ‘Whoever recites a letter from Allah’s book will be rewarded with one good deed. A good deed is multiplied 10 times over. Alif Laam Meem is not one letter. Alif is one letter, Laam is one letter, and Meem is another letter.


Individuals who feel difficulty reciting the Quran but attempt to do so will be rewarded twice for it. As the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) said:


 “The one who recites the Quran and stumbles over it, finding it difficult, will have a double reward.”


It means a person will receive a reward for recitation and another reward for trying their best to recite it in the most appropriate way possible. Keeping this thing in view, Quran Focus, an online Quran school, promotes the teachings of the Al Qur’an and Islam through its online Quran classes.


Searching online Quran academy near me, rely on Quran Focus! Register now to get free one-week trial classes on Noorani Qaida, Quran recitation, and memorization classes!


We have a team of experienced online Quran teachers offering Quran teaching services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al-Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah.


Let’s look at some Quran academies in the UAE.


Online Quran Classes for Kids, Adults, and Women in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, UAE


Although there are a lot of Quran schools/ centers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah, however not everyone can travel there daily because of the long distance or busy schedules. Here are some of the prominent Mosque and Quran centers in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi:


  • Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque

  • Al Aziz Mosque

  • Fatima Belhoul Al Suwaidi Mosque

  • Abu Dhabi Institute for Memorizing the Qur’an

  • Al Hashimiyyah School

  • Abu Bakr Siddiq Institute

  • Quran and Sunnah Society

  • Malik bin Anas Centre

  • Al Muhammadi Quran Centre

  • Al Huda Qur’an Learning Centre

If you are searching for an online Quran academy near me, rely on Quran Focus.


Fortunately, modern technology has made it extremely easy to learn anything online in the comfort of your home. The same rules apply to learning the holy Quran online through a one-on-one live call. Sending your kids and sisters to a nearby Madressa/ Quran academy/ center can be a hassle.


Therefore, learning the Quran online at home is a better alternative for them. Since kids and sisters feel more comfortable learning the Qur’an Karim with a female Quran tutor. That’s why we offer online Quran classes for kids and women with our experienced female Quran teachers to help them recite and memorize the holy Quran conveniently.


Learn the noble Quran with Tajweed through our online Quran classes with live Male and Female Quran teachers!


Online Quran Schools/ Centres in Ajman, Umm Al-Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah, UAE


A lot of Quran schools are offering Quran classes in Ajman, Umm Al-Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah helping the Quran learners to read and understand Arabic text, achieve flawless pronunciation with continued practice, and gain a thorough understanding of the holy Quran and its message.


The most notable Quran schools/madrassas offering Quran teaching services in Ajman, Umm Al-Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah include:


  • Dar Al Asma for Memorizing the Qur’an

  • Dar al Ber Society, Al Nu’aymiyah Area

  • Obai bin Ka’ab Holy Qur’an Teaching Centre, Al Rashidiyyah

  • Sheikh Zayed Centre

  • Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal

  • Dibba Qur’an Center

  • Islamic Centre for Culture and Guidance

  • Khalid Bin Waleed Quran Memorization Center

  • Rashid Bin Ahmed Almualla Award for Holy Quran & Islamic Culture


If you live in Ajman, Umm Al-Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, or nearby suburbs and can’t find a reliable physical Quran academy in your area, rely on our online Quran academy to learn the holy Qur’an with our experienced male and female Quran tutors.


Our Online Quran Courses


Quran Focus offers many online Quran courses for beginners, kids, sisters, and newly converted Muslims worldwide. Our qualified Quran Huffaz and Qaris/ Qariyas will help you and your kids learn the noble Koran or Quran by offering the following courses:

  • Online Quran Recitation/ Reading

  • Online Quran Memorization

  • Online Tafseer Courses

  • Ten Qirat Courses

  • Online Tajweed Classes

  • Online Arabic Courses

  • Noorani Qaida for Kids and Beginners

  • Online Quraan Translation Course


Want to Recite the Holy Quran Like a Qari? Enroll Now!


If you want to recite the Quran accurately and beautifully according to the rules of Tajweed and Tarteel, the Quran Focus is here to help. Our professional Quran Qaris will help you and your kids to recite the Quraan appropriately. We make it simple for kids to study Quran recitation with our interactive classes as per their desired schedule. To learn the Quran, you just need a computer, headphones, and an internet connection.


Start Your Quran Learning Journey with Quran Focus!

We are amongst the pioneers of online Quran teaching services. With us, you can learn Quran recitation, memorization, translation, and other Islamic lessons with our experienced male and female Quran teachers. We pride ourselves on teaching hundreds of students worldwide.


If you want to start your Quran learning journey, follow these simple steps to get started with us:

  • Sing up by filling out our form

  • Get a free one-week Quran class (trial)

  • Choose a Quran Tutor

  • Select your Fee Plan

  • Start Learning the noble Quran Online

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Online Quran Classes in Sydney and Melbourne Australia


Are you interested in learning the Holy Quran in Australia but don’t know how or where to start? No worries, Quran Focus is here to assist you throughout. You can join us for online Quran classes in Sydney and Melbourne Australia for one-on-one private lessons with our certified male and female Quran teachers. They are available to teach the holy Quran online to you and your kids effectively.


Similar to the Quran teaching services we offer in the United Kingdom and the United States, we also offer our services in Australia. The main reason behind conducting online classes in Australia is that the physical Quran schools and mosques are far away from the homes of Australian Muslims. Because of the long distance, parents do not want their children to attend Quran sessions themselves.


The second reason Muslim parents in Australia confront is that they are too busy at work and can’t take their children to the Islamic center. Many people don’t get enrolled in Quran schools simply because they cannot adjust their timings with them.


Because of the busy life in Australia, people look for online Quran academies with flexible timings to study the holy Quran and Islam in the comfort of their homes as per their own schedules.


Quran Focus ranks at the top for online Quran teaching. Established in 2010 with the vision to spread the teachings of Islam and the Quran, this online Quran academy is offering Quran teaching services to students worldwide for over 12 years.


 All our online Quran teachers are trained and well-equipped to incorporate modern tools to teach the holy Quran online to kids in a fun and engaging way. Our male and female Quran tutors strive to produce the best results within the minimum time.


Looking for a reliable online Quran academy or teacher in Sydney, Melbourne, and Lakemba, rely on Quran Focus. Enroll now for 5-day free online Quran lessons!


Online Quran Classes for Kids and Sisters in Sydney, Lakemba, and Melbourne


Being the most populous city and capital of New South Wales, Sydney is the home to almost half of the Muslim population in Australia. With the great number of Muslims, there is an increasing demand for Quran learning. There are numerous Quran schools and mosques where kids go to learn the Quran. However, these do not fulfill the growing Quran-learning needs of the Muslims living in Sydney.

Some of the popular Islamic centers, mosques, and Quran-learning schools in Sydney, Melbourne, and Lakemba are:


  • The Australian Islamic House

  • Australian Islamic Centre

  • Lakemba Mosque

  • Gallipoli Mosque

  • Penshurst Mosque

  • Redfern Mosque

  • West Melbourne Mosque

  • Al-Nur Mosque

Although several mosques and Islamic centers are offering Quran-teaching services to Muslims in Melbourne and Sydney, still many of them can’t travel there as these are far away from their homes.


Keeping this thing in view, Quran Focus is committed to delivering top-notch one-on-one live Quran classes for kids, adults, and women to learn the holy Quran from the comfort of their homes.


From Quran reading/ recitation classes for beginners to advanced Quran memorization courses, we have a team of qualified male and female Quran tutors (Qaris/ Qariyas, Huffaz/ Huffazas) to teach the noble Quran accurately according to the rules of Tajweed and Tarteel. In addition, we also offer separate online Tajweed classes for beginners and sisters.


If you live in Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane and looking for an online Quran tutor, contact Quran Focus!

Online Quran Classes for Kids in Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane


Muslims rank the second largest minority group in Perth-the capital of Western Australia. There are a lot of mosques, Islamic schools, and prayers hall in Rivervale, Mirrabooka, Beechboro, and Hepburn. Adelaide is the capital of South Australia, with a small population of Muslims. Bristance is the most populated city in Queensland. With a vibrant Muslim community in these areas, there are many mosques and Islamic centers in Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane, including:


  • Perth Mosque

  • Perth City Musalla

  • Moorooka Musallah

  • Central Adelaide Mosque,

  • Masjid Omar Bin Al Khattab,

  • Elizabeth Masjid

  • Darul Uloom Islamic Academy

  • West End Mosque


So, most Australian Muslims living in South Australia, Western Australia, and Queensland are looking for online Quran academies to learn the holy Quran, as they can’t travel to the physical academy daily. So, Quran Focus is here to sort out their issue by offering online Quran lessons to kids, adults, and sisters living in Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane.

Why Quran Focus to Learn Online Quran in Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, and Melbourne?


All the male and female Quran teachers at Quran Focus have experience teaching children and beginners in Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, and throughout Australia. Our Qaris/Qarias and Huffazs are experienced in teaching kids Quran engagingly and interestingly.


At Quran Focus, we use creative teaching strategies to help kids, adults, and sisters learn the Quran Kareen easily and efficiently. We pride ourselves on being the pioneers of Online Quran teaching services and have taught hundreds and thousands of students across the world.


Start your Quran learning journey with the world’s best online Quran academy: Quran Focus. Compare our Quran courses fee plan!

Online Quran Classes in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland

It is the basic obligation of every Muslim male and female to learn about Islam and the holy Quran. No matter where someone lives, what’s his/ her race, language, or geographical boundary, Muslims are one nation or ummah when they are under the umbrella of Islam.


A large number of Muslims are living in Scandinavian/ Nordic countries, including Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland. Among all, Sweden ranks at the top with over 8.1% share of the Muslim population.


Following Sweden, Denmark comes second with 4.4% of the total population. Norway is another country making up 3.5% of Muslims from the total population. Finland represents the lowest percentage of the Muslim population at 0.37%.


There are a lot of mosques, Islamic centers, and schools in these countries where Muslims go worshipping and get education about Islam and the Quran. Almost all of them offer Quran classes to educate Muslims living in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland.


Since there are many verses and hadiths signifying the importance of learning the holy Quran, every Muslim strives to learn the Quran and teach it to their children.


The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), said,


“The best of you are those who learn the Quran and teach it.”


 (Source: Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī 5027)


Besides this hadith, there are a lot of other hadiths and Quranic verses that portray the importance of learning the Quran.


Keeping the supreme importance and grandeur of learning the holy Quran in view, Quran Focus offers online Quran classes for kids, adults, and females living in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland. We know there are a lot of Muslim families who either don’t have time to go to a physical Quran academy or can’t drive their kids daily as they are far away from their homes.


That’s why Quran Focus offers an interesting and engaging atmosphere for students in which they can study the basics of Arabic, Quran reading with Tajweed, and Islamic studies online through Zoom or Skype while relaxing at home.


Since 2010, Quran Focus has been the first and best online Quran academy for learning the holy Qur’an and Arabic. With the help of highly experienced and qualified Quran teachers, you and your children can learn to read the Quran at home at the most cost-effective price.


Our teachers help students to learn and comprehend the Quran in English, Urdu, and a variety of other languages from native Arab and non-native Arab teachers from Pakistan.


Start your Quran learning journey with the world’s best Online Quran Academy: Quran Focus!

 Let’s jump to the details of the online Quran classes we offer in different countries.


Online Quran Classes in Stockholm, Malmo, and Gothenburg


Stockholm is the capital and largest city of Sweden, comprising almost half of the Muslim population of the country. Muslim kids go to Quran centers to learn the holy Quran. There are a lot of Quran schools including


  • Al-Azhar AB elementary school

  • Stiftelsen Islamiska skolan

  • Cordoba International School

  • Ibn Rushd Studieforbund

  • Al Salamskolan


Other cities with a majority of Muslim populations include Malmo, Gothenburg, and Uppsala. Although many Islamic institutions are offering physical Quran classes. However, not everyone can afford the time, cost, and energy consumed to reach the academy. Therefore, relying on an online Quran academy (like Quran Focus) is the best way to learn the holy Quran from the comfort of your home.


Online Quran Classes in Greater Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Odense


Greater Copenhagen is Denmark’s capital and one of the most populous cities of Demark comprising almost 47% of the Muslim population. Other cities that make up almost the other half of the Muslim population in Denmark include Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Odense. Many Quranic schools and centers are already teaching Quran to kids there, including


  • Minhaj-ul-Quran International, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Almaghrib Institute Denmark

  • Islamisk Trossamfund

  • Danish Islamic center

  • Islamisk Kulturforening


Although there are many physical Islamic schools and centers to teach the Quran to kids, adults, and women cannot reach these institutions easily as they are far away from their homes. For this reason, the Muslim residents of the Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Odense need to choose a reliable online Quran academy to fulfill their religious obligation and to learn the words of Almighty Allah.


Quran Focus offers one-on-one live online Quran classes in Denmark with our qualified male and female Quran teachers. Sign up now for a five-day free class!


Online Quran Classes in Oslo, Bergen, and Stavanger


Islam is the second largest religion in Norway, after Christianity. Most Muslims live in Oslo and Akershus. There are a lot of Islamic schools offering physical Quran classes in Bergen and Oslo. Some of the well-known Islamic institutes are



If you live in Oslo, Akershus, Bergen, and Stavanger and looking for an online Quran tutor, contact Quran Focus. We offer online Quran courses including



Online Quran Classes in Helsinki, Tampere, Oulu, and Turku


The population of Muslims is estimated between 120,000 and 130,000 in Finland (2.3%). With a small number of Muslim living in Finland, there are not too many Islamic centers or schools where parents can send their kids to learn Quran. Some of the prominent Islamic centers or mosques in Finland are:


  • Helsinki Moskeija

  • Masjid al-Iman

  • Masjid Darul Aman

  • Hervanta Mosque

  • Masjid Annuur

  • Tampereen islamin Yhdyskunta


Compared to other Scandinavian countries, Finland has one of the lowest Muslim populations. Muslim living near mosques and Islamic centers can take advantage of a Quran Mualim to learn Quran. However, those who are living in a faraway area may find it difficult to find a mosque or Islamic center near their locality.


Therefore, taking online Quran classes is recommended for all Muslims living in Finland.

Quran Focus is one of the world’s leading online Quran academies offering online Quran classes for Muslims living in Helsinki, Tampere, Oulu, and Turku at affordable rates.


Why Quran Focus to Get Online Quran Classes in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, and Helsinki?


At Quran Focus, all our male and female Quran teachers have experience in teaching online Quran classes to Muslim kids and beginners in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, and Helsinki. Our Qaris/Qarias and Huffazs are experienced and trained to teach the noble Quran to kids online by making the Quran lessons interactive and engaging for kids.


Our teachers employ innovative teaching strategies customized to fulfill the Quran learning needs of the students. We are the pioneers of online Quran teaching services. We pride ourselves on teaching the Quran Kareem to hundreds and thousands of students from all over the world.


Here’s why we are the best when it comes to teaching Quran Majeed for kids and females:

  • Qualified and experienced teachers

  • One week free trial of Quran lessons (no credit card required)

  • Flexible schedule and 24/7 availability

  • Female Quran teachers available for kids and female students

  • Guaranteed satisfaction

  • Flexible payment plans & highly affordable


Looking for a reliable online Quran academy or teacher in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, and Helsinki count on Quran Focus. Enroll now for a 5-day free trial of Quran lessons!

Online Quran Classes for Beginners at Quran Focus Academy

We strive to provide the best online Quran classes for beginners at Quran Focus Academy. Our qualified Quran teaching staff is here to make Quran learning for children simple and easy. Here in this blog, we’ll let you know about our online Quran classes for beginners.


Our Online Quran Teachers for Beginners


1. We have a team of dedicated, experienced, and qualified male and female Quran teachers to help beginners learn the holy Quran from scratch.


2- All our teachers go through various tests and interviews before starting with us.


3. Our teachers are highly knowledgeable and fluent in Arabic, English, and Urdu to teach the Quran easily.


4. We check teachers’ track records before hiring them to teach the Quran to beginners.


5. Our teaching faculty is well-versed in using advanced technology to make Quran teaching effective, easy, and efficient with 3D images, slides, educational games, etc.


7. They know how to make things enjoyable and age-appropriate for kids.


Amazing Quran Teaching Techniques for Beginners


We know that children have shorter attention spans. Therefore, our tutors have formulated innovative teaching techniques and strategies to help them learn the holy Quran easily. It includes:


  • Pleasant and Enjoyable Quran Sessions

  • Mirror Exercise (An Unusual Technique)

  • Online Quran Study with Imitation

  • Learning Style: Walking Around.

  • Interactive Quran sessions


Our Strategy to Teach the Holy Quran to Beginners

We assess the student’s current proficiency in this course. Then we devise a personalized strategy to follow.


For instance, a student’s Tajweed and Makharij are correct if they know the Arabic script.


The instructor will then create a tailored strategy for them to help accomplish their objectives and complete the remaining Quran lessons.


A customized Quran study plan is needed if you want to learn Quran online as a beginner since it enables you to prioritize your tasks, such as extracurricular activities, professional commitments, and social obligations, by allocating study time.


We emphasize step-by-step instruction so newcomers can gradually pick up knowledge and retain it over time through revisions.


These steps are as follows:


Step 1: Reading the Arabic Alphabet from Scratch


Quran Focus offers an introductory Quran reading course for kids and beginners. This is primarily for people who are learning Arabic for the first time. This step aims to introduce them to the Arabic alphabet and its accurate pronunciation.


Step 2: Reading Single Words


The second level, reading single words, focuses on joining letters to read a single word. For illustration:


مسجد ، ﻭَﺣِﻴﺪَﺓ


Join our online Quran Recitation Course with Quran Focus!


Step 3: Reading 3 to 5 Arabic Words


 This step teaches beginners how to read a group of words, like:


كم أجرة الباص؟


Consistently connecting letters and, eventually, words help to prepare novices for Quran readers to read on their own accurately and fluently.


Step 4: Reciting Short Verses from Quran


In this step, Quran learners will begin reciting brief verses from the Quran while studying the text and following all the Tajweed guidelines. These verses might be too brief for beginners to easily memorize on their own.


Step 5: Fluent Quran Recitation


 The student can recite the holy Quran fluently by focusing on the Mushaf once they have reached this expert stage.


The fundamental purpose of step-by-step learning is to keep Quran study exciting for beginners and age-appropriate.


Once you have finished the introductory Quran reading course, you can move to our online Tajweed course for beginners.


Why Quran Focus to Learn Quran for Beginners?


We have developed unique methods for conducting this course that will make it 100% effective and the best online course on the Qur’an. The following are unique methods for teaching beginners the fundamentals of the Quran.


• Engaging Quran Classes


Unlike authoritative classes, our Quran teachers are more interactive. It enables students to have open discussions with tutors and generate original ideas.


• Step-by-Step Online Quran Learning


By keeping the student’s proficiency level in mind, we ensure to teach Online Quran reading courses for beginners with step-by-step methods. Starting with the basic pronunciation of huroof (letters), one can quickly get to reading the Holy Quran.


• Easy Transition Between Quran Lessons


The new and prior lessons are interlinked, and the students proceed to the new Quran lesson after completing the prior ones.


• Fun-Oriented Classes to Learn Arabic Quran Reading


Since the course is delivered online, we attempt to make it enjoyable so that students will grow to love and be devoted to the holy Book.


• Mirror Reading Quran to Improve Fluency


In the beginning, students practice their newly learned letters in front of a mirror to see how to pronounce them, shape their lips, and articulate them.


• Using the Read-Out-Loud Technique to Learn Quran


When teaching the Quran to beginners, our qualified teachers use this fantastic technique, which they have already used and recommended. You can determine whether you pronounce the words correctly from the articulation point by reading it out loud.


Learning Arabic to read the Quran helps you assess your errors and work diligently to improve them.


• Learning the Basics of the Qur’an with Audio and Video


Students can learn the fundamentals of the Qur’an while listening to or watching brief audio or video clips that show how the letters are pronounced and the words are recited.

• Online Quran Learning for Beginners by Imitation


 One of the best teaching methods for online Quran learning for beginners is repetition. It enables students to fix their mistakes and work for a better outcome.

• Listening to the Favorite Qari


Our Quran teachers encourage their students to practice imitating their favorite Qari in their own voice. That would assist them in developing beautiful Quran recitation skills.


By hearing the soulful recitation, they will love to read the Quran and be inspired to imitate their favorite Qari.


• Daily Repetition of Previous Quran Lessons


 Before the new lesson, the previous lesson is repeated to make sure that the Quran’s retention is still intact.


We continue to improve our teaching methods while taking benefits from the technology into account to maintain high standards and deliver excellent service.


Start Learning the holy Quran with Quran Focus!


You can learn to read, recite, and memorize the Holy Quran with Tajweed with our online Quran academy. Start learning the noble Quran with Quran Focus by following these steps:


  1. Enroll for a five-day free Quran lessons

  2. Select the Quran learning plan and tutor

  3. Get started with your Quran learning journey


Select the course and package after contacting us, take advantage of our FREE Trial sessions, and start learning the Quran!

Find the Best Online Quran Classes for Kids


Every parent wants the best for their kids—both in this life and the hereafter. Teaching your children the holy Qur’an is undoubtedly the best gift parents can give to their children to prosper in this world and the next one.


We all know that the most suitable age to learn something new is childhood and teenage years, where lessons stick in a person’s mind just like a carving that exists on a stone for years.


To teach online Quran classes to kids, many parents find it difficult to search and locate a reliable online Quran academy. Some academies and online Quran learning schools employ inexperienced teachers who cannot teach kids efficiently.


If an academy has a team of experienced Quran teachers, they might charge a hefty sum. Fortunately, if you find an online Quran academy with experienced teachers and an affordable pricing structure, the timings of the online Quran tuition might not match the kids’ schedules.


As a result, many parents, especially those living in non–Muslim countries, cannot access reliable Quran academies offering online Quran classes for kids. That’s where Quran Focus, the world’s most reliable online Quran academy, comes in for your rescue.


Get yourself registered for our free 5-day online Quran lessons!


Why Quran Focus to Teach Online Quran Classes for Kids?


With a team of qualified Quran scholars, we have devised effective and innovative Quran teaching strategies and syllabi for kids to help them learn the holy Quran easily. We know how important it is to teach the holy Quran to your kids in the early years of their life.


For this reason, our skilled Quran tutors employ software, programs, and tools with innovative teaching techniques to make online Quran lessons enjoyable, fun-oriented, and engaging for kids to inculcate a firm devotion to the holy Quran in them.


Here are the things that we cover in our beginners’ course for kids:


  • Teaching Noorani Qaida and Arabic alphabets

  • Making kids familiar with Arabic letters

  • Teaching kids basic Arabic pronunciation 

  • Helping them memorize short Surahs of the Quran


In addition, our main Quran courses are:


Online Quran Reading/ Recitation Course for Kids

Kids, women, and adults can enroll in our Quran reading course at our online Quran academy. Our male and female Quran teachers teach the fundamentals of Arabic and Noorani Qaida to kids and beginners.


Our Qaris and Qarias ensure to offer Quran lessons for kids with Tajweed rules. This will enable them to get acquainted with the Tajweed rules from the beginning of their Quran learning journey. Our teachers strive to complete the introductory course within the first few months to advance to our advanced Quran courses.


Once this course is completed, the students will read the Holy Quran beautifully, with little or no guidance. Then, they’ll read the noble Quran’s short and renowned Ayats and Surahs accurately and fluently according to the rules of Tajweed.


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Online Quran Translation Course for Children


Since the Quran was revealed in Arabic, understanding its meaning can be difficult for non-Arabic speakers. Therefore, it must be translated to help children understand its meaning properly. Quran Focus has created a thorough course to teach the Quran with translation in Urdu and English.


Doing this will help students understand the holy Quran’s unique writing style, metaphors, and similes, as well as its literal and contextual meaning.


Online Quran Memorization Course for Kids

Once our students study the Quran to recite and learn the basic meaning of the holy Quran, our qualified Huffaz help them to memorize the holy Quran. We all know that the best age for remembering something new is childhood. For this reason, we encourage parents to get this course for their children as early as possible.


Our dedicated Quran Huffazs are there to guide and support kids from the beginning. They’ll help students improve their Quran memorization skills through various exercises and boost their confidence at every stage.


All the Quran reading, recitation, translation, and memorization courses we offer kids are tailored to their aptitude. Our innovative teaching techniques will ease their learning process and help them study Quran engagingly and interestingly.


Study Quran with Our Qualified Male and Female Quran Teachers

By the grace of Almighty Allah, Quran Focus has become one of the world’s leading Quran academies, offering online Quran classes for kids, women, and adults. So if you are searching for “Quran classes for kids near me,” contact Quran Focus.


We are famous worldwide for offering the best Quran teaching services in the UK, US, Australia, Canada, and worldwide. We offer separate Quran teaching services for women with our female Quran teachers. All our teachers are highly trained and fluent in English to teach your kid the holy Quran efficiently per your desired schedule.


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Reading The Holy Quran – Manners


Manners When Reading The Qur’an


6 Manners Of The Heart For Reading The Holy Quran



This is an indication of the greatness of the words being read, and the bounty of Allah; Glorified is He, to His creation when He addressed His creation with these words.



Through this, the reader should think about the characteristics of Allah the Exalted.



Through this, the reader should throw away other thoughts while reading the Qur’an.



There is less reward in reciting the Qur’an without understanding the meaning. The Qur’an was revealed for guidance and this can be achieved through recitation accompanied with pondering.



This means interacting and reacting to every verse according to what is proper for it.



This means that the reader feels that every message in the Qur’an is meant especially for him personally.

8 External Manners For Reading The Holy Quran


  1. Purity of body, clothes and place.
  2. Using Miswak or Sewak.
  3. Facing the Qiblah.
  4. Seeking refuge from rejected Satan and reading the Bismillah or Basmalah.
  5. Not reading when yawning.
  6. Avoiding cutting off reading to talk with people.
  7. Stopping at a verse of warning and seeking protection with Allah, and stopping at a verse of mercy and asking The Merciful for His Bounty.
  8. Humbleness and crying when reading.

Imam An-Nawwawi (may Allah be Merciful to him) said;

Crying when reading the Qur’an is a characteristic of those who know Allah (know Him through His names and Characteristics) and the feelings of the righteous.”

Arabic Basic Verbs – Transliteration With English Translation



English Standard Arabic Transliteration Egyptian Arabic Transliteration
to be (not used in present tense) كان – يكون (كون) kaana – yakuunu (koon) kaan – yikuun (koon)
to do; to make فعل – يفعل (فعل) fa3ala – yaf3alu (fa3l) عمل – يعمل 3amal – yi3mil (3amal)
to work عمل – يعمل (عمل) 3amala – ya3milu (3amal) اشتغل – يشتغل (سغل) ištaġal – yištaġil (šuġl)
to bring, fetch أحضر – يحضر (احضار) aHDara – yuHDiru (iHDaar) جاب – يجيب (جيبان) gaab – yigiib (gayabaan)
to take أخذ – يأخذ (أخذ) axada – ya’xudu (axd) خد – ياخد (اخد) xad – yaaxud (axd)
to put وضع – يضع (وضع) waDa3a – yaDa3u (waD3) حطّ – يحطّ (حطّ) HaTT – yiHoTT (HaTT)
to become أصبح – يصبح (اصباح) aSbaHa – yuSbiHu (iSbaaH) بقى – يبقى ba’a – yib’a
to change (s.t.) غيّر – يغيّر (تغيير) ġayyara – yuġayyiru (taġyiir) ġayyar – yiġayyar (taġyiir)
to count عدّ – يعدّ (عدّ) 3adda – ya3uddu (3add) 3add – yi3idd (3add)
to go (to) ذهب – يذهب (ذهاب) إلى dahaba – yadhabu (dahaab) ila راح – يروح (مرواح | روحان) raaH – yiruuH (mirwaaH/rawaHaan)
to walk مشى – يمشي (مشي) maša – yamši (mašy) مشي – يمشي (مشي) miši – yimši (mašy)
to run جرى – يجري (جري) jara – yajri (jary) geri – yigri (gary)
to come جاء – يجئ (جيئة) jaa’a – yajii’u (jii’a) جه – يجي (مجي) geh – yiigi (migiyy)
أتى – يأتي (اتي) ata – yaa’ti (aty)
to return رجع – يرجع (رجوع) إلى raja3a – yarja3u (rujuu3) rigi3 – yirga3 (ruguu3)
عاد – يعود (عودة) إلى 3aada – ya3uudu (3awda)
to arrive وصل – يصل (وصول) إلى waSala – yaSilu (wuSuul) ila وصل – يوصل (وصول) wiSil – yiwSil (wuSuul)
to sit جلس – يجلس (جلوس) jalasa – yajlisu (juluus) قعد – يقعد (قعاد) ‘a3ad – yu’3ud (‘u3aad)
to get up, rise قام – يقوم (قيام) qaama – yaquumu (qiyaam) ‘aam – yi’uum (‘iyaam)
to fall وقع – يقع (وقوع) waqa3a – yaqa3u (wuquu3) وقع – يوقع (وقوع) wi’i3 – yiw’a3 (wu’uu3)
سقط – يسقط (سقوط) saqaTa – yasquTu (suquuT)
to go up طلع – يطلع (طلوع) Tala3a – yaTla3u (Tuluu3) Tili3 – yiTla3 (Tuluu3)
to go down نزل – ينزل (نزول) nazila – yanzilu (nuzuul) nizil – yinzil (nuzuul)
to cook طبخ – يطبخ (طبخ) Tabaxa – yaTbuxu (Tabx) Tabax – yiTbux (Tabx)
to eat أكل – يأكل (أكل) akala – yaa’kulu (akl) كل – ياكل (أكل) kal – yaakul (akl)
to drink شرب – يشرب (شرب) šariba – yašrabu (šurb) širib – yišrab (šurb)
to wake up صحى – يصحو (صحو) SaHa – yaSHu (SaHw) صحي – يصحى (صحو) SaHa – yiSHa (SaHw)
استيقظ – يستيقظ (استيقاظ) istayqaZa – yastayqiZu (istiiqaaZ)
to sleep نام – ينام (نوم) naama – yanaamu (nawm) naam – yinaam (noom)
to wash غسل – يغسل (غسل) ġasala – yaġsilu (ġasl) ġasal – yiġsil (ġasl/ġasiil)
to clean نظّف – ينظّف (تنظيف) naZZafa – yunaZZifu (tanZiif) naZZaf – yinaZZaf (tanZiif)
to study درس – يدرس (دراسة) darasa – yadrusu (diraasa) daras – yidris (diraasa)
to learn تعلّم – يتعلّم (تعلّم) ta3allama – yata3allamu (ta3allum) اتعلّم – يتعلّم (تعلّم) it3allim – yit3allim (ta3allum)
to understand فهم – يفهم (فهم) fahima – yafhamu (fahm) fihim – yifham (fahm)
to know عرف – يعرف (معرفة) 3arafa – ya3rifu (ma3rifa) 3irif – yi3raf (ma3rifa)
to remember تذكر – يتذكر (تذكر) tadakkara – yatadakkaru (tadakkur) افتكر – يفتكر (افتكار) iftakar – yiftikir (iftikaar)
to forget نسي – ينسى (نسي) nasiya – yansaa (nasi) nisi – yinsa (nasi)
to describe وصف – يصف (وصف) waSafa – yaSifu (waSf) وصف – يوصف (وصف) waSaf – yiwSif (waSf)
to try, test (s.t) جرّب – يجرّب (تجريب) jarraba – yujarribu (tajriib) garrab – yigarrib (tagriib)
to try, attempt to do s.t. حاول – يحاول (محاولة) أن Haawala – yuHaawilu (muHaawala) an
to be able to do s.t. قدر – يقدر (قدرة) أن qadara – yaqdiru (qudra) an ‘idir – yi’dir (‘odra)
استطاع – يستطيع (استطاعة) أن istaTaa3a – yastaTii3u (istiTaa3a) an
to read قرأ – يقرأ (قراءة) qara’a – yaqra’ (qiraa’a) قرأ – يقرأ (قراية) ‘ara – yi’ra (‘iraaya)
to write كتب – يكتب (كتابة) kataba – yaktubu (kitaaba) katab – yiktib (kitaaba)
to translate ترجم – يترجم (ترجمة) tarjama – yutarjimu (tarjama) targam – yitargim (targama)
to talk (reflexive) تكلّم – يتكلّم (كلام | تكلّم) takallama – yatakallamu (kalaam/takallum) اتكلّم – يتكلّم (كلام) itkallim – yitkallim (kalaam)
تحدّث – يتحدّث (تحدّث) taHaddata – yataHaddatu (taHaddut)
to say, tell قال – يقول (قول) qaala – yaquulu (qawl) ‘aal – yi’uul (‘awl)
to ask (a question) سأل – يسأل (سؤال) sa’ala – yas’alu (su’aal)
to request طلب – يطلب (طلب) Talaba – yaTlubu (Talab)
to reply, answer (to) أجاب – يجيب (اجابة) على ajaaba – yujiibu (ijaaba) 3ala agaab – yigiib (igaaba) 3ala
ردّ – يردّ (ردّ) على radda – yarudd (radd) 3ala
to thank شكر – يشكر (شكر) šakara – yaškuru (šukr) šakar – yiškur (šukr)
to complain (about) شكى – يشكو (شكوى) من šaka – yašku (šakwa) min اشتكى – يشتكي (شكوى) من ištaka – yištiki (šakwa) min
to promise وعد – يعد (وعد) بـ wa3ada – ya3idu (wa3d) bi وعد – يوعد (وعد) wa3ad – yiw3id (wa3d) bi
to see رأى – يرى (رؤية) ra’a – yara (ru’ya) شاف – يشوف (شوفان | شوف) šaaf – yišuuf (šawafaan/šoof)
to look at نظر – ينظر (نظر) إلى naZara – yanZuru (naZar) ila بصّ – يبصّ (بصّ | بصصان) على baSS – yibuSS (baSS/baSaSaan) 3ala
to look for بحث – يبحث (بحث) عن baHata – yabHatu (baHt) 3an دوّر – يدوّر (تدوير) على dawwar – yidawwar (tadwiir) 3ala
to find وجد – يجد (وجود) wajada – yajidu (wujuud) لاقى – يلاقي laa’a – yilaa’i (la’ayaan)
to lose (s.t.) ضيّع – يضيّع (تضييع) Dayya3a – yuDayyi3u (taDyii3)
to organize نظّم – ينظّم (تنظيم) naZZama – yunaZZimu (tanZiim)
to organize, tidy up رتّب – يرتّب (ترتيب) rattaba – yurattibu (tartiib)
to smoke (in general) دخّن – يدخّن (تدخين) daxxana – yudaxxinu (tadxiin)
to happen حدث – يحدث (حدوث) Hadata – yaHdutu (Huduut) حصل – يحصل (حصول) HaSal – yiHSal (HuSuul)
to watch شاهد – يشاهد (مشاهدة) šaahada – yušaahidu (mušaahada) اتفرّج – يتفرّج على itfarrag – yitfarrag 3ala
to hear سمع – يسمع (سمع | سماعة) sami3a – yasma3u (sam3/samaa3a) simi3 – yisma3 (sama3)
to listen to استمع – يستمع (استماع) إلى istama3a – yastami3u (istimaa3) ila سمع – يسمع (سمع) simi3 – yisma3 (sama3)
to give أعطى – يعطي (اعطاء) a3aTa – ya3aTi (i3Taa’) ادّى – يدّي (مدّية) idda – yiddi (middiyya)
to carry حمل – يحمل (حمل) Hamala – yaHmilu (Haml) شال – يشيل (شيل | شيلان) šaal – yišiil (šeil/šayalaan)
to love أحبّ – يحبّ (حبّ) aHabba – yuHibbu (Hubb) حبّ – يحبّ (حبّ) Habb – yiHibb (Hubb)
to hate كره – يكره (كره | كراهة) kariha – yakrahu (karh/karaaha) karah – yikrah (karh/karaaha)
to be born وُلد – يُولد (ولادة) wulida – yuuladu (wilaada) اتولد – يتولد itwalad – yitwalad
to live عاش – يعيش (معيشة) 3aaša – ya3iišu (ma3iiša)
to live (in a place) سكن – يسكن (سكن) في sakana – yaskunu (sakan) fi
to die مات – يموت (موت) maata – yamuutu (moot)
to pass away توفّي – يتوفي (وفاة) tuwuffiya – yutawaffayu (wafaah) اتوفى – يتوفي (وفاة) itwaffa – yitwaffi (wafaah)
to wait انتظر – ينتظر (انتظار) intaZara – yantaZiru (intiZaar) استنى – يستني istinna – yistinni
to buy اشترى – يشتري (شراء) ištara – yaštari (širaa’) ištara – yištiri
to sell باع – يبيع (بيع) baa3a – yabii3u (bii3)
to pay; to push دفع – يدفع (دفع) dafa3a – yadfa3u (daf3) dafa3 – yidfa3
to push زق – يزق (زق) za” – yizu” (za”)
to open (s.t.) فتح – يفتح (فتح) fataHa – yaftaHu (fatH) fataH – yiftaH (fatH)
to close (s.t.) غلق – يغلق (غلق) ġalaqa – yaġliqu (ġalq) قفل – يقفل ‘afal – yi’fil
to begin, start (s.t.) بدأ – يبدأ (بدء) bada’a – yabda’u (bad’) bada’ – yibda’
to end (reflexive) انتهى – ينتهي (انتهاء) intaha – yantahi (intihaa’)
to stop (reflexive); to stand up وقف – يقف (وقف | وقوف) waqafa – yaqifu (waqf/wuquuf) wi’if – yiw’af (wa’f)
to finish (s.t.) خلّص – يخلّص (تخليص) xallaSa – yuxalliSu (taxliiS) xallaS – yixallaS (taxliiS)
شطّب – يشطّب (تشطيب) šaTTab – yišaTTab (tašTiib)
to stop (reflexive); to stand up وقف – يقف (وقف | وقوف) waqafa – yaqifu (waqf/wuquuf) wi’if – yiw’af (wa’f)
to play لعب – يلعب (لعب) la3aba – yal3ibu (li3b)
to use (s.t.) استخدم – يستخدم (استخدام) istaxdama – yastaxdimu (istixdaam)
استعمل – يستعمل (استعمال) ista3mala – yasta3milu (isti3maal)
to enter دخل – يدخل (دخول) daxala – yadxulu (duxuul) daxal – yudxul
to go out خرج – يخرج (خروج) xaraja – yaxruju (xuruuj) xarag – yixrag
to leave غادر – يغادر (مغادرة) ġaadara – yuġaadiru (muġaadara) ساب – يسيب saab – yisiib
to ride (ex. a taxi) ركب – يركب (ركوب) rakiba – yarkabu (rukuub) rikib – yirkab
to send أرسل – يرسل (ارسال) arsala – yursilu (irsaal) بعت – يبعت ba3at – yib3at
to receive استلم – يستلم (استلام) istalama – yastalimu (istilaam) istalam – yistilim (istilaam)
to think (about s.t.) فكّر – يفكّر (تفكير) fakkara – yufakkiru (tafkiir) fakkar – yifakkar (tafkiir) fi
to think (that) ظنّ – يظنّ (ظن) أن Zanna – yaZunnu (Zann) anna افتكر – يفتكر iftakar – yiftikir
to believe (that) اعتقد – يعتقد (اعتقاد) i3taqada – ya3taqidu (i3tiqaad) anna
to need (s.t.) احتاج – يحتاج (احتياج) إلى iHtaaja – yaHtaaju (iHtiyaaj) ila iHtaag – yiHtaag
to want (to) أراد – يريد (ارادة) araada – yuriidu (iraada) an عايز – عايزة 3aayiz/3aayza (or 3aawiz/3aawza) – active participle
to succeed نجح – ينجح (نجاح) najaHa – yanjaHu (najaaH) nagaH – yingaH (nagaaH)
to fail فشل – يفشل (فشل) fašila – yafšalu (fašal)