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Online Quran Classes for Beginners at Quran Focus Academy

We strive to provide the best online Quran classes for beginners at Quran Focus Academy. Our qualified Quran teaching staff is here to make Quran learning for children simple and easy. Here in this blog, we’ll let you know about our online Quran classes for beginners.


Our Online Quran Teachers for Beginners


1. We have a team of dedicated, experienced, and qualified male and female Quran teachers to help beginners learn the holy Quran from scratch.


2- All our teachers go through various tests and interviews before starting with us.


3. Our teachers are highly knowledgeable and fluent in Arabic, English, and Urdu to teach the Quran easily.


4. We check teachers’ track records before hiring them to teach the Quran to beginners.


5. Our teaching faculty is well-versed in using advanced technology to make Quran teaching effective, easy, and efficient with 3D images, slides, educational games, etc.


7. They know how to make things enjoyable and age-appropriate for kids.


Amazing Quran Teaching Techniques for Beginners


We know that children have shorter attention spans. Therefore, our tutors have formulated innovative teaching techniques and strategies to help them learn the holy Quran easily. It includes:


  • Pleasant and Enjoyable Quran Sessions

  • Mirror Exercise (An Unusual Technique)

  • Online Quran Study with Imitation

  • Learning Style: Walking Around.

  • Interactive Quran sessions


Our Strategy to Teach the Holy Quran to Beginners

We assess the student’s current proficiency in this course. Then we devise a personalized strategy to follow.


For instance, a student’s Tajweed and Makharij are correct if they know the Arabic script.


The instructor will then create a tailored strategy for them to help accomplish their objectives and complete the remaining Quran lessons.


A customized Quran study plan is needed if you want to learn Quran online as a beginner since it enables you to prioritize your tasks, such as extracurricular activities, professional commitments, and social obligations, by allocating study time.


We emphasize step-by-step instruction so newcomers can gradually pick up knowledge and retain it over time through revisions.


These steps are as follows:


Step 1: Reading the Arabic Alphabet from Scratch


Quran Focus offers an introductory Quran reading course for kids and beginners. This is primarily for people who are learning Arabic for the first time. This step aims to introduce them to the Arabic alphabet and its accurate pronunciation.


Step 2: Reading Single Words


The second level, reading single words, focuses on joining letters to read a single word. For illustration:


مسجد ، ﻭَﺣِﻴﺪَﺓ


Join our online Quran Recitation Course with Quran Focus!


Step 3: Reading 3 to 5 Arabic Words


 This step teaches beginners how to read a group of words, like:


كم أجرة الباص؟


Consistently connecting letters and, eventually, words help to prepare novices for Quran readers to read on their own accurately and fluently.


Step 4: Reciting Short Verses from Quran


In this step, Quran learners will begin reciting brief verses from the Quran while studying the text and following all the Tajweed guidelines. These verses might be too brief for beginners to easily memorize on their own.


Step 5: Fluent Quran Recitation


 The student can recite the holy Quran fluently by focusing on the Mushaf once they have reached this expert stage.


The fundamental purpose of step-by-step learning is to keep Quran study exciting for beginners and age-appropriate.


Once you have finished the introductory Quran reading course, you can move to our online Tajweed course for beginners.


Why Quran Focus to Learn Quran for Beginners?


We have developed unique methods for conducting this course that will make it 100% effective and the best online course on the Qur’an. The following are unique methods for teaching beginners the fundamentals of the Quran.


• Engaging Quran Classes


Unlike authoritative classes, our Quran teachers are more interactive. It enables students to have open discussions with tutors and generate original ideas.


• Step-by-Step Online Quran Learning


By keeping the student’s proficiency level in mind, we ensure to teach Online Quran reading courses for beginners with step-by-step methods. Starting with the basic pronunciation of huroof (letters), one can quickly get to reading the Holy Quran.


• Easy Transition Between Quran Lessons


The new and prior lessons are interlinked, and the students proceed to the new Quran lesson after completing the prior ones.


• Fun-Oriented Classes to Learn Arabic Quran Reading


Since the course is delivered online, we attempt to make it enjoyable so that students will grow to love and be devoted to the holy Book.


• Mirror Reading Quran to Improve Fluency


In the beginning, students practice their newly learned letters in front of a mirror to see how to pronounce them, shape their lips, and articulate them.


• Using the Read-Out-Loud Technique to Learn Quran


When teaching the Quran to beginners, our qualified teachers use this fantastic technique, which they have already used and recommended. You can determine whether you pronounce the words correctly from the articulation point by reading it out loud.


Learning Arabic to read the Quran helps you assess your errors and work diligently to improve them.


• Learning the Basics of the Qur’an with Audio and Video


Students can learn the fundamentals of the Qur’an while listening to or watching brief audio or video clips that show how the letters are pronounced and the words are recited.

• Online Quran Learning for Beginners by Imitation


 One of the best teaching methods for online Quran learning for beginners is repetition. It enables students to fix their mistakes and work for a better outcome.

• Listening to the Favorite Qari


Our Quran teachers encourage their students to practice imitating their favorite Qari in their own voice. That would assist them in developing beautiful Quran recitation skills.


By hearing the soulful recitation, they will love to read the Quran and be inspired to imitate their favorite Qari.


• Daily Repetition of Previous Quran Lessons


 Before the new lesson, the previous lesson is repeated to make sure that the Quran’s retention is still intact.


We continue to improve our teaching methods while taking benefits from the technology into account to maintain high standards and deliver excellent service.


Start Learning the holy Quran with Quran Focus!


You can learn to read, recite, and memorize the Holy Quran with Tajweed with our online Quran academy. Start learning the noble Quran with Quran Focus by following these steps:


  1. Enroll for a five-day free Quran lessons

  2. Select the Quran learning plan and tutor

  3. Get started with your Quran learning journey


Select the course and package after contacting us, take advantage of our FREE Trial sessions, and start learning the Quran!