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Quran Classes For Kids in London, UK

It is the basic obligation of every Muslim to learn about Islam and the noble Quran. Reciting the Quran Kareem is a pleasant and rewarding experience for everyone. The basic reason to join Quran classes for kids in London UK online is that Muslims living in London can’t find a reliable Quran academy or Islamic centre near their homes.


That’s why online Quran learning is becoming increasingly popular among Muslims living in Western counties. Instead of going to a nearby Quran institute, people now prefer to learn Quran in the comfort of their homes. Learning the noble Quran online can help Muslims learn to overcome their life’s challenges.


You can access live one-on-one Quran lessons in London through online teaching software. Quran Focus offers round-the-clock online Quran teaching services in the UK and worldwide. We have a team of experienced Quran tutors from all over the world qualified to teach the Quran in various languages.


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Online Quran Tutors for Kids in London


If you are one of those parents living in non-Muslim countries who wants to teach their kids the Holy Quran from reputable academies but don’t have time or can’t commute to the Islamic center or the mosque daily, then contact Quran Focus.


Considering your need, we have devised a solution to teach you and your children the holy Quran online through our online Quran academy, where you can schedule your timings as per your desire.


Quran Focus is the best online Quran academy in London, offering top-quality online Quran courses for kids who want to read, recite and memorize the holy Quran. Our experienced female Quran tutors will teach your kids Noorani Qaida, Holy Quran, and other Islamic lessons to make them good human beings and Muslims.


We have different online resources for children to make their Quran classes interactive, engaging, fun, and easy to build their interest in Quran learning. Our students know about their schedule and Quran tutors within the first few days.


Online Quran Hifz Classes in London


Memorizing the holy Quran is an act of devotion that Allah will reward in this life and hereafter. Many Muslims in London cannot reach and locate the Quran centers or Hifz tutors near them to memorize the holy Quran.


Therefore, Quran Focus is here to help. We have a team of experienced online Huffaz to teach the Hifz-ul-Quran course for kids and adults living in London and nearby suburbs.


Taking online Hifz classes is one of the best options for memorizing the holy Quran quickly and conveniently. This course is best for those who only want to remember a few verses of the holy Quran or the entire Quran. Our qualified male and female Huffaz will teach you how to recite and memorize the holy Quran from scratch.


Just let us know what kind of Quran Hifz classes you are looking for, and we’ll arrange your class accordingly. Sign up now!


Male and Female Quran Teachers in London


Many Quran academies and schools in London offer Quran reading, recitation, translation, and memorization courses according to their schedule. But at Quran Focus we’ll arrange the Quran teacher or Hafiz and schedule the timings of the class according to your requirement. We have Quran Huffaz and Qaris to teach boys and gents the holy Quran professionally.


Alike that, we also offer separate live Quran classes for girls and ladies with our Female Quran tutors, qarias, hafizas, and ustadhas in London. Our female Quran tutors will teach kids and ladies how to recite Quran accurately with proper Tajweed and Tarteel rules.


Why Quran Focus?


Quran Focus was established in 2012 to teach the Quran Kareem to Muslim kids, females, and adults who seek to learn the holy Quran. We are on a mission to enable Muslims to learn Quran Majeed accurately and fluently with Tajweed and Tarteel rules.


Quran Focus offers excellent Quran learning opportunities to Muslims living in London with our one-to-one Quran classes with live male and female Quran teachers.


Here are some benefits of learning the Quran Majeed with us:


  • Fluent and experienced Quran teachers and Huffaz

  • Learn Tajweed-ul-Quran Rules with expert teachers

  • Interactive Quran classes with screen sharing and whiteboard

  • Flexible schedule and 24/7 availability

  • Female Quran tutors available for kids and female students

  • Get five trial Quran lessons (no credit card required)

  • Monthly assessment


Start your Quran learning journey with our trusted and experienced online Quran tutors today! Sign up now!