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Although Muslims are in the minority in Canada, their history dates back to 1871. The first masjid built in Canada was in 1938. Muslims perform their prayers and religious duties in Canada’s Islamic organizations and Mosques.


Almost two/thirds of Canadian Muslims live in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. There are many Islamic centers and Quran-learning Schools in these cities, but not all Muslim people can travel to them to learn the Noble Quran.


So, if you live in Toronto, Montreal, or Edmonton and want to learn the Holy Quran, you are in the right place. To help you read, recite and memorize the Quran online accurately, fluently, and effectively, Quran Focus is here to teach Online Quran Classes in Canada.


Indeed, it is the fundamental obligation of every Muslim to learn about Islam and the Quran. But unfortunately, in Toronto, Montreal, and Edmonton, many Muslims are too busy or can’t travel to the Quran center. That’s why online Quran learning is becoming more and more popular there. People now prefer to learn the Quran online to save time, money, and hassle.


Unable to send your child to a local mosque in Toronto to learn the holy Quran? Turn to Quran Focus to learn the holy Quran online with our experienced Online Quran Teachers. Sign up now!


Why Do You Need an Online Quran Tutor/ Academy in Toronto, Montreal, and Calgary?


The major cause of searching for an online Quran academy in Toronto, Montreal, and Edmonton is the travel, time, and fuel consumed to reach Islamic institutes and mosques. Parents also do not want their children to go out and study the Quran alone. Therefore, they prefer to get help from online Quran teachers to teach the holy Quran to their kids.


Many of our students said they opted for our online Quran academy because they couldn’t find a local Quran center nearby. And they are now delighted to learn the Quran online with us.


The second issue parents in Toronto encounter is that they are too busy with their employment to take their children to the Islamic center alone. In this regard, time is another major concern.


People in Toronto, Montreal, and Edmonton look forward to a Quran tutor or academy that offers flexible scheduling. They want to learn the Quran and Islam on their schedules because of their busy lives.


Quran Focus has got them covered!


We have been offering Quran and Islamic teachings services in Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, and worldwide for over a decade. Our staff consists of qualified Qaris, Qarias, Huffaz, Mawlanas, and Quran Mualims to help students recite and memorize the holy Quran efficiently.


Online Quran Classes for Kids in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal


Online Quran classes for kids need complete attention and attentiveness to learn Quran. Therefore, they opt for exciting and engaging teaching strategies that create interest and desire in the children to learn the holy Quran.


Both male and female Quran tutors put in a lot of effort. They are highly trained to interact with kids and teach them the holy Quran to get the most remarkable outcomes. If you or your children need online Quran education, Quran Focus is always there to help.


If you live in Toronto and wish to learn the Holy Quran, contact us. We are here to provide you with thorough instructions on how to study the Quran online with us. Not only that, but we’ll also explain how to get the most out of your online Quran classes.


Quran Classes for Women in Toronto, Ottawa and Edmonton


If any Muslim woman or female wants to learn the Quran with our female Quran teacher, Quran Focus is here to help them learn and understand the Quran with our qualified female teachers.


Get the Best Online Quran Classes in Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa With Quran Focus!



Quran Focus is the world’s learning online Quran learning platform that will assist you if you need online Quran classes for yourself or your children. Let’s look at the Quran learning courses we offer in Toronto, Montreal, and Edmonton:


  • Noorani Qaida Course for Kids and Beginners

  • Online Quran Reading/ Reciting Course

  • Online Quran Memorization Class for Women

  • Online Tafseer Courses

  • Ten Qirat Courses

  • Online Arabic Courses

  • Islamic Studies

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We offer online Quran classes for women and kids in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and Vancouver. To start learning the Quran Majeed with us, you need a computer, headphones, and an internet connection.

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