Islamic Schools In Stockholm Sweden

Over a million Muslims live in Sweden. Sweden’s almost 10% population is Muslim. There are hundreds of mosques, Islamic Schools, and Islamic Associations In Sweden.  The vast majority of Muslims in Sweden resides in Stockholm, Malmo, Gothenburg, and Uppsala.

Cordoba International School

Preparatory school in Stockholm, Sweden
Kottbygatan 7, 164 75 Kista, Sweden.


Al-Azhar AB

Elementary school in Stockholm, Sweden
Kirunagatan 22-28, 162 68 Vällingby, Sweden.


Stiftelsen Islamiska skolan

Religious school in Stockholm, Sweden
Fagerstagatan 11, 163 53 Spånga, Sweden.


Ibn rushd studieförbund

The organization gives courses in Dawah. Together with the Muslim Youth of Sweden, Ibn Rushd organizes the annual event Muslimska Familjedagarna.



Al-Salamskolan is a charter school in Örebro. Beyond the national curriculum, the pupils learn about Islam and Arabic.


Ahad Skolan

Ahad Skolan – Sätra torg 3, Stockholm, Sweden is a non-profit organization for children. Ahad Skolan provides Islamic knowledge.



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