Find the Best Online Quran Classes for Kids


Every parent wants the best for their kids—both in this life and the hereafter. Teaching your children the holy Qur’an is undoubtedly the best gift parents can give to their children to prosper in this world and the next one.


We all know that the most suitable age to learn something new is childhood and teenage years, where lessons stick in a person’s mind just like a carving that exists on a stone for years.


To teach online Quran classes to kids, many parents find it difficult to search and locate a reliable online Quran academy. Some academies and online Quran learning schools employ inexperienced teachers who cannot teach kids efficiently.


If an academy has a team of experienced Quran teachers, they might charge a hefty sum. Fortunately, if you find an online Quran academy with experienced teachers and an affordable pricing structure, the timings of the online Quran tuition might not match the kids’ schedules.


As a result, many parents, especially those living in non–Muslim countries, cannot access reliable Quran academies offering online Quran classes for kids. That’s where Quran Focus, the world’s most reliable online Quran academy, comes in for your rescue.


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Why Quran Focus to Teach Online Quran Classes for Kids?


With a team of qualified Quran scholars, we have devised effective and innovative Quran teaching strategies and syllabi for kids to help them learn the holy Quran easily. We know how important it is to teach the holy Quran to your kids in the early years of their life.


For this reason, our skilled Quran tutors employ software, programs, and tools with innovative teaching techniques to make online Quran lessons enjoyable, fun-oriented, and engaging for kids to inculcate a firm devotion to the holy Quran in them.


Here are the things that we cover in our beginners’ course for kids:


  • Teaching Noorani Qaida and Arabic alphabets

  • Making kids familiar with Arabic letters

  • Teaching kids basic Arabic pronunciation 

  • Helping them memorize short Surahs of the Quran


In addition, our main Quran courses are:


Online Quran Reading/ Recitation Course for Kids

Kids, women, and adults can enroll in our Quran reading course at our online Quran academy. Our male and female Quran teachers teach the fundamentals of Arabic and Noorani Qaida to kids and beginners.


Our Qaris and Qarias ensure to offer Quran lessons for kids with Tajweed rules. This will enable them to get acquainted with the Tajweed rules from the beginning of their Quran learning journey. Our teachers strive to complete the introductory course within the first few months to advance to our advanced Quran courses.


Once this course is completed, the students will read the Holy Quran beautifully, with little or no guidance. Then, they’ll read the noble Quran’s short and renowned Ayats and Surahs accurately and fluently according to the rules of Tajweed.


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Online Quran Translation Course for Children


Since the Quran was revealed in Arabic, understanding its meaning can be difficult for non-Arabic speakers. Therefore, it must be translated to help children understand its meaning properly. Quran Focus has created a thorough course to teach the Quran with translation in Urdu and English.


Doing this will help students understand the holy Quran’s unique writing style, metaphors, and similes, as well as its literal and contextual meaning.


Online Quran Memorization Course for Kids

Once our students study the Quran to recite and learn the basic meaning of the holy Quran, our qualified Huffaz help them to memorize the holy Quran. We all know that the best age for remembering something new is childhood. For this reason, we encourage parents to get this course for their children as early as possible.


Our dedicated Quran Huffazs are there to guide and support kids from the beginning. They’ll help students improve their Quran memorization skills through various exercises and boost their confidence at every stage.


All the Quran reading, recitation, translation, and memorization courses we offer kids are tailored to their aptitude. Our innovative teaching techniques will ease their learning process and help them study Quran engagingly and interestingly.


Study Quran with Our Qualified Male and Female Quran Teachers

By the grace of Almighty Allah, Quran Focus has become one of the world’s leading Quran academies, offering online Quran classes for kids, women, and adults. So if you are searching for “Quran classes for kids near me,” contact Quran Focus.


We are famous worldwide for offering the best Quran teaching services in the UK, US, Australia, Canada, and worldwide. We offer separate Quran teaching services for women with our female Quran teachers. All our teachers are highly trained and fluent in English to teach your kid the holy Quran efficiently per your desired schedule.


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Wondering “How to Find Quran Classes Near Me”?


Every Muslim must learn, understand and comprehend the holy Quran as a religious obligation. Similarly, Muslim parents must start teaching their children the Quran Kareem at a young age so they can learn and follow the teachings of Almighty Allah from the beginning.


According to various studies, kids can learn better at an early age, and the same applies to learning the holy book. Many institutions offer online Arabic and Quran classes for kids and adults.


 If you are looking for online Quran classes near me, turn to Quran Focus. We offer live one-to-one Quran classes to students of all ages with flexible schedules and affordable pricing plans.


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Children who do not speak Arabic as their first language and who haven’t learned the Noorani Qaida before will need more time learning the Quran Majeed than those who do.


Most children, even adults, make many mistakes while pronouncing the Quranic verses. It is the most fundamental problem that needs to be resolved. Children and youngsters can only recite the Quran with proper Tajweed and Tarteel rules if taught by an experienced Quran teacher/ Mualim/ Molana or Hafiz.


In addition, learning and reading the holy book regularly and continuously is crucial for memorizing it. Reading and memorizing the holy Quran daily will help children understand it easily and quickly. The modern education system also follows this principle to learn and remember something new.


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Why Do you Need a Quran Teacher to Learn the Quran?

You need outstanding teachers to learn something from scratch. The same applies to Quran learning. Teachers in online Quran academy help students learn how to pronounce words in Arabic correctly. And by making daily attendance mandatory, a kid can also learn how to adhere to a schedule.


If a similar method is followed, learning the Qur’an becomes too easy. However, many parents are concerned that it can be challenging for their children to attend Quran sessions at a Quran institute because they spend more than half of the day at school.


And finding a Quran tutor or academy in the western world becomes a hassle. Moreover, it takes extra time and travel to pick up and drop off students at a Quran institute. But today, this is no longer an issue.


How To Find The Best Quran Academy for Kids?


Nowadays, many reputable online Quran institutions offer online Quran classes for kids and adults. Thanks to modern technology, which has eased the learning of the holy Quran.


You just need a laptop with an internet connection to enroll your young ones in an online Quran institute. Quran Focus ranks first for learning the Holy Quran with experienced Quran tutors. We have qualified Quran instructors with expertise in teaching the Quran for kids of all ages at an affordable rate without compromising the quality.


Considering that classes are online, logistics won’t be a problem. We can schedule the timings of Quran classes as per your request and arrange the Quran tutor, which works for both the student and the teacher.


Understanding the meaning of the Quran is one important aspect of Quran recitation that many parents overlook. It can be beneficial when a child understands what he is reading and memorizing. It also helps a kid follow the holy Quran’s teachings and divine guidelines.


However, simply understanding it does not accomplish the goal of reciting the Quran. Muslims must recite the Holy Quran in Arabic since that is where its true meaning can be found.


If you are looking for an online Quran academy near me, contact us. We guarantee our services will be the most excellent option for learning the holy Quran online.

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