Online Quran Classes in Germany

After Christianity, Islam is the biggest minority religion in Germany. Although the exact figure of Muslims living in Germany is uncertain. But according to various sources, it ranges from 3.5% to 6%.

The spread of Islam has significantly increased in Germany since the labor migration in the 1960s and several waves of political refugees since the 1970s. According to a survey conducted in 2019, there are around 5.3–5.6 million Muslims with a migrant background in Germany.


Online Koran Classes for Kids in Germany


A large number of the Muslim population lives in the capital and largest city of Germany, with a majority living in former West Germany, including West Berlin. Berlin, Cologne, and Hamburg are the home to mosques and centers for Muslim life and Islamic culture in Germany.

About 300,000–420,000 Muslims live in Berlin, making up about 8–11% of the population. Frankfurt has a large Muslim community with an estimated share of Muslim inhabitants of approximately 12.6%.

Around 90,000 Muslims live in Hamburg, with a majority living in the newly created administrative district of Hamburg-Mitte. Cologne, the largest city in the Western German state of North Rhine-Westphalia (Köln), counts more than 100,000 Muslim residents. München (Munich) is the capital and most populous city of the German state of Bavaria, with over 100,000 Muslims.

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Online Quran Classes for Kids in Berlin, Cologne (Köln), and Hamburg, Germany

Here are some of the mosques, Quran schools, and centers offering Quran classes for kids and adults in Berlin, Cologne, and Hamburg. These include:

  • Berlin-Wilmersdorf

  • Berlin-Neukölln

  • Berlin-Wilmersdorf (Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Mosque)

  • Khadija Mosque
  • Cologne Central Mosque

  • German Islam Academy

  • Cologne Central Mosque

  • DITIB Center Zentralmoschee

With enough mosques and Islamic schools in Berlin, Hamburg, and surrounding suburbs, many Muslim kids and adults go there to learn the Quran Kareem. However, there are only 35 mosques in Cologne city, where there are over 100,000 Muslims.

And, a vast majority can’t travel to Quran centers due to long distances or many of them can’t adjust their timings according to the timings of these Quran schools. That’s why many prefer to learn the noble Quran online.

When it comes to online Quran learning, Quran Focus ranks first. We offer one on one live Quran lessons for kids and adults, enabling them to read, recite, and memorize the holy Quran from the comfort of their homes. Besides, we are also offering separate online Quran lessons for women and sisters by our female Quran teachers.

We have a team of qualified Huffaz, Qaris, and Qariyahs who are highly qualified from recognized universities. They are fully trained to teach kids and adults engagingly and interactively.


Online Quran Classes in Frankfurt, Munich (München), and Düsseldorf, Germany

Frankfurt has around 8 mosques and prayer rooms in and around the city. More than 100,000 Muslims live in Munich, but there are around 6-8 mosques in the city. Like Munich, Düsseldorf has only 5 mosques and Quran schools that don’t meet the religious needs of Muslims in this area.

The famous mosque and Islamic centers/schools in Frankfurt, Munich (München), and Düsseldorf are:

  • Abu Bakr Moschee

  • Noor Mosque

  • Baitus Shakur

  • Nuur-ud-Din Mosque

  • Islamisches Zentrum München

  • Freimann Masjid

  • Moroccan Islamic Cultural Center

  • Moroccan-Islamic Mosque Community

  • Islamisches Kulturzentrum Düsseldorf

  • Masjid Assalam

Compared to other major cities in Germany, there are fewer mosques and Islamic centers in Frankfurt, Munich, and Düsseldorf. Therefore, Muslims living in these areas need dire help from an online Quran school/academy to teach their kids Al Quran Kareem under their supervision.

Quran Focus is one of the world’s best online academies offering online Quran classes for kids and women with our experienced male and female Quran teachers.

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Online Quran Courses We Offer in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, and Frankfurt, Germany

Here is the list of online Quran courses we offer:

  1. Online Quran Reading Course

  2. Online Quran Translation Course For Kids

  3. Online Tajweed Classes

  4. Online Quran Memorization Course for Kids (Hifz classes for kids)

  5. Online Quran Classes for Sisters and Kids

  6. Online Arabic Course Kids

In addition to these Quran courses, we also offer basic Islamic knowledge, like

  • Imaan

  • 6 Kalimas

  • Islamic stories

  • Five pillars of Islam

  • Musnoon Duas and other supplications

  • How to offer prayers (namaz) and ablution (wudu’)

Why Choose Quran Focus for Learning the Holy Quran Online?

We are on a mission to spread knowledge of Islam and the Quran to the masses, especially in Frankfurt, Munich, and Düsseldorf where Muslims have minor access to mosques and Quran schools.

Our qualified Quran tutors will make Quran learning easy, interactive, and fun for kids. These are the qualities that make us stand out from others:

  • World’s renowned online Quran academy

  • One-to-one classes for every student

  • Qualified and experienced teachers/ Qaris/ Huffaz

  • Female Quran teachers available to teach kids and sisters

  • Affordable pricing plan

  • One-week free trial of Quran lessons (no credit card required)

  • Tailored teaching strategies

  • Flexible schedule and 24/7 availability

  • Guaranteed satisfaction

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