Best Quran Classes in New York, USA


Muslims have been part of New York, USA for centuries since it used to be New Amsterdam. History shows that Muslims immigrated to the region as part of the Dutch settlement known as New Amsterdam in the 1600s. We can best gauge the Muslim population in New York with over 300 registered mosques or masjids in New York City.


Muslims represent 9% of the total population of this city. With a population of 1.5 million in the greater New York metropolitan area, this city represents the largest metropolitan Muslim population in the Western Hemisphere.


With this population, there are many great Islamic centers and mosques in this city. The Islamic Cultural Center of New York is the largest mosque and cultural center, located in Manhattan, New York City. Another big mosque in New York is Masjid Al Aman on 203 Forbell Street in Brooklyn, NY.


The central aim behind building these mosques and Islamic centers was to pray salah/ namaz and read Holy Qur’an together according to the teaching of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the Quran. Many Islamic centers and mosques offer remarkable Quran classes and Islamic studies lessons to spread the knowledge of Islam and the Quran among the masses, especially Muslim kids.


Quran Focus Academy is one of them that has been offering online Quran classes to kids and adults for the past 12 years. Hundreds of students learn Quran reading, Quran recitation, Quran translation, and Quran memorization courses with our professional teachers. We have been spreading the knowledge of the Quran to students from all over the world.


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Online Quran Lessons for Kids in New York, USA


If you are‌ a Muslim living in Brooklyn, Long Island, Queens, or New York City and looking for the nearest Islamic center/ Masjid or mosque to teach your kids to recite and memorize the holy Quran, we are here for your assistance.


Our online Quran learning classes are perfect for those who want to recite and memorize the proper rules of Tajweed and Tarteel. We can help you connect with male and female Quran teachers for intensive Tajweed courses, Quran reading, recitation, translation, and Hifz. There needs to be an age to get enrolled in this course.


Our Objective


Our main objective is to provide a platform for the students where they can learn the Quran and grow under the shadow of Islamic teachings. Doing that will help them understand and follow Sunnah and the teachings of the Quran to be responsible members of society.


Our friendly and courteous Quran teachers will help students to learn the Quran with love and devotion. Our highly skilled teaching faculty employs interesting teaching strategies to educate students in a fun, interactive, and easy way.


Besides teaching the word of Allah and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), it’s essential to develop our students’ moral character to build a strong society. Therefore, Quran Focus offers Quran learning classes for people of all ages and professions.


As a reliable online Quran learning academy in New York, we fulfill all the requirements and standards of online Quran teaching with our qualified faculty.


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Our Online Quran Teachers and Tutors in New York, USA


Online Quran Qari/ Qaria


Our Qaris/ Qarias are the best when it comes to Tajweed knowledge and recitation skills. These instructors support students who desire to learn Tajweed or take a Quran reading course. Males and females can also learn about the Quran thanks to the work of Qari and Qaria teachers.


Online Quran Hafiz-e-Quran


We also have a team of Quran Huffaz who can help students memorize the Quran. Those students who want to memorize a few verses or the entire Quran can ask us to arrange classes with them. Our Hifz teachers offer classes for both male and female students.


Online Quran Scholars/ Maulanas


We also provided students with various Islamic courses, including Fiqh and Tafseer. These educators are highly skilled and hold degrees from recognized Islamic institutions.


Why Join Quran Focus Academy to Learn the Holy Quran?


Quran Focus was created in 2010 to spread Quranic education among the masses, especially for kids raised in a non-Muslim country. We offer online Quran lessons to help kids, adults, and females to learn the Quran Kareem in the comfort of their homes. Besides, we have female Quran teachers too to teach the noble Quran to Muslim kids & women.


The best part of our service is you can schedule your timings as per your desire, as our Quran teachers are available round the clock for help.


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