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Online Quran Classes in Sydney and Melbourne Australia


Are you interested in learning the Holy Quran in Australia but don’t know how or where to start? No worries, Quran Focus is here to assist you throughout. You can join us for online Quran classes in Sydney and Melbourne Australia for one-on-one private lessons with our certified male and female Quran teachers. They are available to teach the holy Quran online to you and your kids effectively.


Similar to the Quran teaching services we offer in the United Kingdom and the United States, we also offer our services in Australia. The main reason behind conducting online classes in Australia is that the physical Quran schools and mosques are far away from the homes of Australian Muslims. Because of the long distance, parents do not want their children to attend Quran sessions themselves.


The second reason Muslim parents in Australia confront is that they are too busy at work and can’t take their children to the Islamic center. Many people don’t get enrolled in Quran schools simply because they cannot adjust their timings with them.


Because of the busy life in Australia, people look for online Quran academies with flexible timings to study the holy Quran and Islam in the comfort of their homes as per their own schedules.


Quran Focus ranks at the top for online Quran teaching. Established in 2010 with the vision to spread the teachings of Islam and the Quran, this online Quran academy is offering Quran teaching services to students worldwide for over 12 years.


 All our online Quran teachers are trained and well-equipped to incorporate modern tools to teach the holy Quran online to kids in a fun and engaging way. Our male and female Quran tutors strive to produce the best results within the minimum time.


Looking for a reliable online Quran academy or teacher in Sydney, Melbourne, and Lakemba, rely on Quran Focus. Enroll now for 5-day free online Quran lessons!


Online Quran Classes for Kids and Sisters in Sydney, Lakemba, and Melbourne


Being the most populous city and capital of New South Wales, Sydney is the home to almost half of the Muslim population in Australia. With the great number of Muslims, there is an increasing demand for Quran learning. There are numerous Quran schools and mosques where kids go to learn the Quran. However, these do not fulfill the growing Quran-learning needs of the Muslims living in Sydney.

Some of the popular Islamic centers, mosques, and Quran-learning schools in Sydney, Melbourne, and Lakemba are:


  • The Australian Islamic House

  • Australian Islamic Centre

  • Lakemba Mosque

  • Gallipoli Mosque

  • Penshurst Mosque

  • Redfern Mosque

  • West Melbourne Mosque

  • Al-Nur Mosque

Although several mosques and Islamic centers are offering Quran-teaching services to Muslims in Melbourne and Sydney, still many of them can’t travel there as these are far away from their homes.


Keeping this thing in view, Quran Focus is committed to delivering top-notch one-on-one live Quran classes for kids, adults, and women to learn the holy Quran from the comfort of their homes.


From Quran reading/ recitation classes for beginners to advanced Quran memorization courses, we have a team of qualified male and female Quran tutors (Qaris/ Qariyas, Huffaz/ Huffazas) to teach the noble Quran accurately according to the rules of Tajweed and Tarteel. In addition, we also offer separate online Tajweed classes for beginners and sisters.


If you live in Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane and looking for an online Quran tutor, contact Quran Focus!

Online Quran Classes for Kids in Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane


Muslims rank the second largest minority group in Perth-the capital of Western Australia. There are a lot of mosques, Islamic schools, and prayers hall in Rivervale, Mirrabooka, Beechboro, and Hepburn. Adelaide is the capital of South Australia, with a small population of Muslims. Bristance is the most populated city in Queensland. With a vibrant Muslim community in these areas, there are many mosques and Islamic centers in Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane, including:


  • Perth Mosque

  • Perth City Musalla

  • Moorooka Musallah

  • Central Adelaide Mosque,

  • Masjid Omar Bin Al Khattab,

  • Elizabeth Masjid

  • Darul Uloom Islamic Academy

  • West End Mosque


So, most Australian Muslims living in South Australia, Western Australia, and Queensland are looking for online Quran academies to learn the holy Quran, as they can’t travel to the physical academy daily. So, Quran Focus is here to sort out their issue by offering online Quran lessons to kids, adults, and sisters living in Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane.

Why Quran Focus to Learn Online Quran in Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, and Melbourne?


All the male and female Quran teachers at Quran Focus have experience teaching children and beginners in Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, and throughout Australia. Our Qaris/Qarias and Huffazs are experienced in teaching kids Quran engagingly and interestingly.


At Quran Focus, we use creative teaching strategies to help kids, adults, and sisters learn the Quran Kareen easily and efficiently. We pride ourselves on being the pioneers of Online Quran teaching services and have taught hundreds and thousands of students across the world.


Start your Quran learning journey with the world’s best online Quran academy: Quran Focus. Compare our Quran courses fee plan!