How Many Pages are there in the Quran?

As Muslims, we are adamant that the Quran is the word of Allah. It is revealed as the ultimate guidance for humanity. Reciting the holy Quran provides peace and comfort to the human soul.


The Quran Majeed is the most eloquent and truthful book as it is the words of Almighty Allah. It encompasses the greatest sciences and is the complete guide for humankind.


Many Muslims feel intimidated about reciting and memorizing the holy Quran as they believe it is an enormous book they might be unable to recite or memorize. And sometimes, people are hesitant to read the Quran as it is an Arabic book.


As a result, breaking the Quran up into pages or juze is the easiest way to finish reading, reciting, and memorizing it. We’ll tell you how many pages there are in the Quran in this article and how to break it up, so it’s simpler to recite.


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How Many Pages are there in the Holy Quran?


The Quran was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH ). It took 23 years to be revealed during the holy month of Ramadan in Makkah.


Wondering how many pages are there in Quran? The answer is there is no standard page limit, and it has a variable number of pages according to your copy. We should know the Quran is divided into surahs that begin with surah Al-Fatihah and end with surah Al-Nas.


How Many Arabic Pages are there in the Quran?


Knowing that different copies of the Quran have different page counts—some copies have 485 pages, some have 504 pages, and others have up to 600 pages. And some others have 604 pages, and some have 624 pages.


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Word Count of the Quran in English

The word count of English translations of the Quran also varies depending on the copy, with some having 485 pages and others having up to 695.


How Many Verses are there in Quran?

In addition to the topic of how many pages there are in the Quran, many people also wonder how many verses there are. There are 6,348 verses total in the Quran (including Bismillah), with 112 verses of Bismillah.


(بِسْمِ اللَّـهِ الرَّحْمَـٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ)


These don’t have verse numbers, but the Quran contains 6236 verses when the Bismillah isn’t taken into account.


How Many Pages are there in One Para/ Juz of the Quran?

Each section of the Quran is referred to as a Juz in Arabic or a para in Urdu.


Each part has 20 pages, and the majority of Quranic apps use this structure as well. The number of pages in a para depends on how many pages of the Quran you have; nonetheless, the ordinary Quran or Koran has 604 pages overall.


Summing Up


These divisions of the Quran Kareem make it easier for children to memorize the Quran and to assist readers in reading the entire Quran in 30 days by reading the same amount each day.


We attempted to address the question of how many pages there are in the Quran. This is a crucial question since the Quran’s divided into verses, pages, juze, and Hizb makes it simpler to recite and encourages you and your children to recite and memorize it.


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